Saturday, October 8, 2011

Catching up....

I haven't posted for over a week, so here's all the manis I did throughout last week up until today.
OPI- Mermaid's Tears. This is one of my absolute favorites! OPI's Hey Get in Lime! was one of my favorite minty greens, and this is a slightly bluer version of that.

Here it is without the flash.

OPI- Glitzerland from the fall 2010 Swiss collection. I didn't think that I would like this shade at first. It's rather plain and I gravitate towards brighter colors. It grew on me though.

Here it is without the flash. It is very shiny. This is only two coats.

Zoya- Gemma I LOVE THIS! This is like an army green with a bluish purple flash to it. It was part of Zoya's Spring 2011 collection.

Zoya Gemma without the flash

Cetuem 119. I don't really don't know a lot about this brand. I believe it is international. The bottle says London, England. I got it in a blog sale from a fellow blogger. This shade very closely resembles Sally Hansen Mochachino. I posted that one a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure which color I would consider this; perhaps a reddish brown?

Here it is without the flash.

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