Sunday, September 30, 2012

Temptresses and Witches!

 I apologize for the lack of updates this week. I fell a little bit behind. I had a busy work week  and weekend and I was barely home. Keeping in the Halloween spirit, I have Loreal- The Temptress' Touch. This is a unique one! It's a light yellow green with golden shimmer. It reminds me of a green apple! This is from Loreal's fall Project Runway collection.

 I am wearing three coats of this. I almost could have gotten away with two coats, but there were some bare spots so I just did three for good measure.

I had difficulty determining the finish of this polish, it's almost a foil, but I think it just has a lot of shimmer instead. This did not chip at all either. This last picture is with the flash, and it's from my new iPhone 5. It takes better flash pictures than my camera!

 Next I have Pretty & Polished- Witchy Woman. This is from the Hella-Wicked Halloween collection recently released. Looking at this at first, it didn't really stand out to me compared to the others in the collection. Once I wore it, I really enjoyed it! 
Witchy Woman is composed of black, purple, and tiny green particles of glitter  in a gray jelly base packed with purple shimmer. It's somewhat sheer, so I am wearing three coats of this. The wear is really good on this also! Three days and no chips! 

Here's a picture without the flash taken on my phone.

Here are some new additions:
 OPI- Coral Reef, Holiday Glow, and Chocolate Moose. China Glaze- FYI
Revlon Street Wears- Mmoody, Gun Metal, Gold Mine, Taxi, and Tar. Wet n Wild- Lust was a freebie that the seller threw in with the package :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Manglaze- Fuggen Ugly

I recently purchased some Manglaze polishes and I've been meaning to try them for a while. I am a fan of matte shades, but usually the wear time and application sway me to wear other shades instead. This shade is called Fuggen Ugly and I was blown away! Fuggen Ugly is a dark gray which some shimmer particles.
The formula applied flawlessly! Usually with mattes, they dry so fast, that they dry as you're applying them. This dried quickly, but left enough time before drying in order to get an even application. The finish was very smooth also! The brush was slightly angled and it conformed to my nails perfectly. This was two coats.

I wore this for two days and did a sink full of dishes and it only had tipwear! I was impressed. I'm a huge fan of the label art and the shade names for this brand. I will definitely be buying more! 

Here's some epic haulage:
 I participated in a traveling polish box in one of the local facebook groups I'm in. I took out the following polishes and put some of mine in their place- but what I put in is a surprise!! I picked out: Dandy Nails- Come out and Play, ORLY- Be Brave, OPI- Italian Love Affair, and Dong Dong- 17 (YES! there is an international polish brand named Dong Dong!)
 Candy Lacquer- Hard Candy, Barielle- Shannon's Attitude, Borghese- Stellare Notte, F4 Polish- Bubble Yum, and Pretty & Polished- Jawbreaker
 OPI- That's an "El" of a Color, OPI- DS Original (I've been lemming this FOREVER!), Daring Digits- Punch me Purple and Love Hurts, and Revlon- Sheer Seafoam.
My second bargain Coterie order arrived today also! I got Butter London- Bluey, West End Wonderland, and Pillar Box Red! I also got another matte topcoat but didn't take a picture of it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Vintage Gem: MAC- Pink Freeze

 I have a super old vintage gem today! This is MAC- Pink Freeze. I got it in a blog sale and I don't really know much about it except that it is really old. It's a pale pink frost.
 The formula was really runny, but surprisingly it was opaque in three coats. It was somewhat brushstrokey, but that's to be expected of a frost.
 It had a really smooth finish to it.
 Here's the bottom of the bottle. It apparently "expired" in March of 2000, so that's definitely an indicator of how old this is. I really like the square frosted glass bottles!

Some new additions:
 From 5Below: Funky Fingers- Pixy Dust, Prince Charming, Mermaid Lagoon, and Confetti
Nicole by OPI- Honey-Dew You Love Me?, OPI- Fireflies, and Polished Perfection- Fire Flower

Friday, September 21, 2012

LA Girl- Electric Guitar

 Today I'm wearing LA Girl- Electric Guitar. This is from their Rock Star collection, but I do not know when it was released. It's an orange-toned gold shimmer with tiny and medium iridescent hex glitters. The hex glitter didn't show up well in these pictures, but they were definitely noticeable in person.
 I thought that this shade would be more sheer than it was. It was almost good with two coats, but I did three because there were some slight bare spots. I really liked the color of this!
I remember finding this one at 5Below in a sale bin for 50 cents so it was definitely a good deal! I've seen LA Girl at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe also. The only negative thing about this polish was that it peeled off in sheets! It didn't chip at all, but I picked my nails and it came off.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OPI I Juggle...Men over You Make Me Vroom!

 For today's combo, I'm wearing OPI- I Juggle...Men over OPI- You Make me Vroom. I Juggle...Men was released in OPI's Spring 2011 Softshades collection, Femme de Cirque. It is VERY sheer. It is composed of purple and blue micro shimmer particles suspended in a clear base.
Just to give an idea of how sheer I Juggle...Men is, I am wearing three coats of it over You Make Me Vroom, and you can barely even tell it's there. It's very subtle and quite difficult to see. It might look more prominent over a darker color.
Here's You Make Me Vroom by itself. t was released in OPI's Ford Mustang collection of Spring 2005. This is a black label that I found while dusty hunting. It's a bright cherry red creme, definitely reminiscent of Mustangs. Although it is difficult to see in this picture, there is a Mustang sticker on the cap. It had a great formula and applied in two coats. The color really doesn't wow me because it's just a standard red creme, but it's definitely a nice collector's item.

More new additions! 
 I got some Butter Londons from the promo on Coterie. It was a great promo since all four of these came to $11 including shipping. Since then, I ordered the other three they had. They should be arriving soon! This is matte finish topcoat, Knackered, Wallis, and All Hail the Queen.
 I placed my first Manglaze order because there was a sale. I love this brand, matte polishes, the packaging, label art, sense of humor in the names, etc! Here's Santorum, Mayonnaise, Matte is Murder, and Fuggen Ugly.
 My Rite Aid just got the Blue Cross Halloween pumpkin polishes in, so I picked up three that looked unique to me. None of them have names, and that bothers me because it makes swatches of them difficult to look up. The first one is blue and purple hex glitter in a clear base, the second is various sizes of iridescent glitter in a pink jelly base, and last there's micro iridescent glitter in a shimmery purple base.  The purple one also apparently glows under blacklight.
I also picked up a Blue Cross Disco Lights nail polish. It doesn't have a name, but it's a bright blue jelly that glows in the dark. The cap also lights up, so I took some pictures of that. I also got Sinful Colors- Mesmerize and Loreal's The Temptress' Touch and The Temptress' Power.

Here are some fun light pictures!
 I took these in the dark. I've never heard of polishes with a light up cap! There is a button you push down at the top of the cap and it flashes blue, red, and green. I got a picture of the blue and green, but was unable to get one of the red.
Here's the green. How unique is this!?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some Early Halloween Polishes

I have two halloween-themed polishes to show today. I'll start with Pretty & Polished- Candy Corn. It i from this years Hella Wicked collection. It is a color-changing polish. It changes even more than other mood polishes that I own. It is very sensitive to temperature. I am amazed by this! It's orange for cold temperatures and turns yellow when it's warmer.
 Here's a picture where it leans more yellow, but still has the color-changing gradient effect. Candy corn is a jelly, so I applied three coats.
 At this particular moment I was cold, so it was all orange. The orange in this is more red-orange.
When I was warm, they were all yellow. Although it's a pretty yellow jelly, my nails are so stained that they look dirty under this! I assure that's just staining. I like this shade the best when it has the gradient effect between the yellow and the orange. Color changing polishes can be purchased via the Pretty & Polished etsy shop. I know I will probably order more eventually. They were so neat!

The next polish I have to show wasn't as neat.
 This is a vintage Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers polish. It's called Shinin'. I'm not sure what year it's from. It appears to be a pretty blue, but it's really just blue shimmer particles in a sheer gray base. The base was super sheer! I am wearing FOUR coats here! It probably would have been more ideal to layer it over another polish, but since the base was tinted gray, I didn't really know what to layer it over. Probably another gray would be the most compatible. The formula was so thin and streaky too. 
 In a picture with the flash, you can see how it's just blue shimmer particles in a gray base.
I wanted to like this polish, and I do enjoy the color, but the formula was just soooo bad. Look at my tips! That's shrinkage from the Seche Vite. I had to remove this after a day of wear because it bothered me so much. It also took very long to dry. Maybe I'll try layering it over another shade in the future, but for now, I just wanted to be done with it.

And of course, there are some new additions and hauls!
 I participated in another secret swap in one of my local facebook groups. I got some sweet goodies from Jodi! Wet n Wild- Hollywood Walk of Fame, China Glaze- I'm Not Lion, China Glaze- Deviantly Daring, OPI- Gargantuan Green Grape, Venique minis- Havanah Glam, Side Walk Surfer, Pump up the Jam, and Ga-Lashes Glow. I also got a mini bottle of CND- Solar Oil (which smells like delicious almonds!), a nail polish ring, two pairs of earrings, and Cadberry Screme eggs!! I should use cuticle oil more often, but a lot of the time I don't like the smell of most brands, so I'll probably use the CND solar oil frequently because I love the smell.
 I did some damage at Sephora today. They had the Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson collection polishes on sale for $5 so I picked up Alley Cat, XOX Betsey, and Sparkling Personality. I've been lemming the Nails Inc Sprinkles for a long time, so I finally caved in and bought them. These are my first Nails Ince polishes! I purchased Sugar House Lane, Topping Lane, and Pudding Lane. I would have gotten Sweets Way also, but it was sold out.
My goodies from the ULTA BOGO Butter Londons were Lillibet's Jubilee and Trustafarian.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wet n Wild Spoiled- Ants in My Pants

 Today I'm wearing Spoiled by Wet n Wild- Ants in My Pants. This is AMAZING! It is a sheer black jelly filled with different sizes of red glitter! It's very vampy and perfect for fall! I am in love with it. Spoiled by Wet n Wild is exclusive to CVS and they can still be purchased there.
 Because the jelly was so sheer, I need three coats. If you want it to be completely opaque, a fourth coat can be added. I've also seen people layer it over black. Personally, I like the jelly look. My bottle is older, so many of the larger pieces of red glitter settled to the bottom. I don't have as many of them on my nails.
I've been wearing this for two days and still no chips! The Spoiled line also has large brushes (bigger than OPI prowide). I actually like the larger brush. For me it makes the layers of polish evenly distributed. If I get polish outside of the nail, I just clean it up.

I've set aside a pile of polishes from Halloween collections, or ones that remind me of Halloween that I want to get through using during this season. Ants in my Pants was one of them. Stay tuned for more Halloween-esque polishes!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wet n Wild- It's All in the Cut

Today I'm wearing a glitter bomb. This is Wet n Wild- It's All in the Cut from the 2011 Holiday collection. I managed to get all of the polishes from this collection while they were on clearance and some through blog sales. It is a beautiful  pale purple microglitter with larger pieces of pink hex glitter.

It's All in the Cut is densely packed with glitter! I am wearing three coats here, but you could probably even get away with two. 

The glitter was VERY gritty. This polish ate topcoat like crazy. I used Gelish and Seche Vite and it still looks gritty! After I painted my nails, there was gritty glitter hanging off of the tips of my nails. I didn't want it to catch on things, so I filed it off slightly. Because of this, there was a lot of tipwear! That is the only negative thing I have to say about this polish.