Friday, November 18, 2011

A lot of catching up!

OPI- Extra-va-vaganza is from the 2010 holiday Burlesque collection. I LOVE this! It has so many different colors of glitter in it.

Without the flash, this is kind of a blurry picture but you can see how shiny it is.

This is mood nail polish that changes color according to the temperature. Blue Cross makes this polish. The name of the shade is "light purple to light pink". This is the purple after I ran my hand under cold water.

Here is the purple without the flash.

Wow! This polish has a drastic color change. It's a light pink. This is after running my hand under hot water. I have a few other mood polishes from Blue Cross in my stash and I am eager to see if the color change is as evident.

OPI- Come to Poppy is from the 2011 Nice Stems summer collection. The application was actually very smooth, but then I took a really long hot bath and it chipped at the tips. I didn't have enough time to completely redo my mani, so I touched up the tips. It chipped a little bit after that also. I think that usually the wear time on this is pretty good, I just was in the bathtub too long.

This is really a gorgeous shade! It's hot pink with a hint of coral in it.

This is Essie- Damsel in a Dress. It's a dark shimmery plum color. It kind of reminds me of a redder version of OPI's Lincoln Park at Midnight (although I don't own it). Excuse the messy application. I used it as a base with OPI-Pink Shatter and this was before I added the shatter so I didn't clean up. It looks so much darker in person. The flash really brings out the shimmer in it. In darker light, it just looks like a creme.

Here it is with the OPI Pink Shatter. I like how this combo turned out. It's much more subtle, but the flash makes it look more contrasting. I am kind of disappointed with the pink shatter though. It seems to only really show up on a color much lighter than it. I was hoping it would be more opaque. And yes, it's still messy! I believe I was in a rush that day.

OPI- Figi Weejee Fawn. I love this!! This may be my go to job interview color. It's almost my skin tone, yet it has a frosty shimmer to it. I also cut down my nails a lot! I believe this is discontinued but I've seen a few on ebay recently.

Here it is without the flash. I really didn't want to remove this. Now I'm starting to wonder what it would look like with the pink shatter.

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