Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend update plus a haul!

Here I have another one of those heat-activated mood polishes. I purchased this at Forever 21. On the back it says "Love and Beauty", which is  the name of Forever 21's nail polish line. It also has the same packaging as the Blue Cross mood polishes, so they may be the manufacturer of them. It also doesn't have a name, but it changes from magenta to a rose color. Here it is when I'm cold! It looks almost purple.
It turned this color when I ran my hand under hot water.

Just seconds after I took the picture with the hot water, it already began to shift back to magenta. My apartment is cold!

This is OPI- Take the Stage from the 2010 Holiday Burlesque collection. I just recently picked this up. I found it at Giant Eagle surprisingly. I thought it was a nice fall Thanksgiving-like color. It's between orange and bronze.

Here it is without the flash.

Here is my haul from the past week. I went to Five Below, Rite Aid, and ULTA. I found a dotting tool at Five Below for $1.50. From the top I have Funky Fingers: Teal Scales, Zeppelin, Monster Balla!, Sold Out Arena, Sound Check, Power Chord, and Stage Dive. In the bottom row I have China Glaze- It's Alive!, OPI- Russian Navy Suede, two unnamed glitter snowmen polishes, CQ- Golden Green, ORLY- Angrogynie, Jessie's Girl- JulieG, and Sally Hansen- Almond Crunch. 

Almond Crunch didn't look very unique, but I picked it up because it looked like an older one.


  1. Dawww, those snowman polishes look adorable x

  2. Nice haul! The more I see of the Burlesque collex, the more I regret not buying any!

  3. For some reason ULTA just put out a lot of discontinued polishes for a 2 for $10 sale, and I saw some Burlesque shades there. has Teasy Does It and Rising Star and ebay has a lot. If you want the glitters, they're a little bit more pricy though, but soo worth it! :)