Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Week of Zoyas!

For the past week, I wore Zoya nail polish. Although I managed to keep up with changing my polish color every day, I fell behind on updating. This is a mass post of the week and it's very pic-heavy. Enjoy.

First I have Zoya- Indigo. This is an older one, which was part of the Fall 2007 Downtown Collection. It has not been discontinued. Although I absolutely love dark navy blues, this one didn't play well with my Seche Vite and shrunk a bit. I was also a little bit disappointed that the scattered prismatic microglitter only showed up in the bottle instead of on the nail.

Here it is indoors without the flash. Application was very smooth and it needed two coats. I'm sure I would love this if I tried it with a different topcoat.
Here it is indoors without the flash.
Next is Aurora. Aurora is from this past holiday's Ornate collection and it is a beaut! It is a magenta filled with holo particles. The holo isn't linear, but more scattered; but I am fine with that.
In some lighting this looks magenta and in others it looks like a light purple. I received so many compliments on this shade.
Application was a breeze and it only needed two coats.

Indoors without the flash.
Indoors with the flash.
This is a special one! It is a jelly sandwich with Zoya- Katharine and China Glaze- Make a Spectacle. Make a Spectacle is from last Halloween's Wicked collection. It is filled with irridescent glitter. I had a lot of fun with this mani!
I used two coats of Make a Spectacle. One coat was sandwiched in between layers of Katharine and the second one was on the top.
Here's a picture of what it looks like indoors without the flash.

I took a picture after applying two coats of Katharine. It is a jelly, so the sheer effect is to be expected. It's like a grape color.  I got Katharine in the Peter Some NYFW gift box, but it was re-released last fall as part of the Gloss collection.
You can see how stained my nails are with the flash!
I applied two coats of Katharine, one coat of Make a Spectacle, and one more of Katharine over that. This is what it looked like with the flash.
without the flash

Zoya- Chyna is my first Pixie Dust that I have tried and I absolutely love these! They have a sandy texture effect and you're not supposed to use topcoat with them. It is a classic red with textured twist.
Although this was completely opaque in two coats, I added a third one just to make the texture more gritty. I was a little bit apprehensive about not being able to use a topcoat, because I use Seche Vite religiously, but it didn't take that long to dry. It remained tacky for at least a half hour, but it wasn't as easily smudged or messed up like a regular polish would be. I recommend doing your nails with these right before you watch a movie or something that doesn't require the use of your hands.
This wore very well, and since I didn't use a glue base coat, I was dreading the removal. I used pure acetone, and it was actually easier than removing glitter. It was still rather tricky, but it was worth the price for wearing this polish.
For some reason my thumb turned out the best in terms of the textured effect. Pardon my car picture.
indoors with the flash
Traci is from the Summer 2012 Beach collection. I absolutely love greens! This is a more subdued lime green with a very subtle shimmer.
It had a wonderful formula and it was so glossy. It applied flawlessly in two coats and dried very quickly.
Taken indoors without the flash.

The last one of Zoya week is Jo. Jo is from the Spring 2009 Twist Collection. It is a Periwinkle with a subtle shimmer.
In different angles, it looks like a darker blue. The formula of this one was very similar to Tracie. It had a smooth application, and dried quickly and smooth with two easy coats.

Indoors without the flash
Indoors with the flash. You can really see the shimmer in this one!

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