Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Week of China Glaze

I wore some China Glazes this week. First up is Twilight. This one is an oldie. I found it dustying. It has an older white label, but I was unable to find out when it was released. It is still fairly to easy to find for retail price on Ebay. 

Twilight is a berry-colored shimmer. It doesn't really fit the name Twilight for me. My mind immediately things of dark colors, or even the Twilight franchise. 
For it being an older formula, it applied very nicely in two smooth coats and didn't take long to dry at all. The formula definitely smelled like it wasn't 3-free.
Here's a picture taken indoors without the flash
And one taken with the flash.
Next is I'm With the Lifeguard. This one was a more recent release as it was part of last summer's Summer Neons collection.
I'm With the Lifeguard is a super vibrant neon green! I'm a huge fan of greens, and I was excited to get my hands on this one.
I'm With the Lifeguard has a subtle shimmer effect to it. It's somewhat difficult so see just because the bright green almost blinds you.
Application was pretty nice for a neon. This took three coats and dried to a satin-finish.
I just had to take a picture of it indoors with the flash because the flash does magical things to neon polishes.
This combo is China Glaze- Techno layered over Wet n Wild- Wet Cement.

Techno was originally released in the 2009 Speciality Colors collection but then re-promoted in the Spring 2012 Electropop collection. This is when I picked my bottle up.
It is filled with medium pieces of prismatic silver holographic glitter, and also has some tiny pieces of glitter.
Application was very simple and it only required one coat.
I used Wet n Wild- Wet Cement as the base color. It is a nice muddy-slate colored creme. It is part of the current Megalast line and it is easily accessible in drugstores. I was blown away with the application of this. The Megalast bottles come with a large brush, and it surprisingly conforms to the shape of my nails pretty well. Two thin coats of Wet Cement was all that I needed for a flawless finish.
Here's Wet Cement with the flash.

Last is China Glaze- Cast a Spell. This one was released for last year's Wicked Halloween collection.

Cast a Spell is a dark green shimmer- almost like a dark olive.
The shimmer in this is gorgeous because it's almost like a golden green. This is what I would consider a "vampy" green.
Indoors without the flash, you can see the golden green shimmer more. It only required two coats.

Here's a picture with the flash.

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