Friday, June 17, 2011

Some OPI's that I photographed.

Absolutely Alice paired with my festive folder. I took this before heading to class. I missed out on the Alice in Wonderland collection and luckily I found Absolutely Alice on AveYou for the regular price of $8.50. I can't say the same for Mad as a Hatter. I splurge when it comes to nail polish, but I can't see myself spending $50 on one bottle on Ebay.

Shatter party! My friends an I woke up early and went to ULTA on Sunday morning to get the Katy Perry collection and shatter. My hand is on the left and I'm wearing Teenage Dream under Black Shatter. I am still in a quest to find the blue shatters from OPI. 
Don't Mess with OPI. I <3 greens! I don't own Jade is the New Black, and I've wanted it for the longest time. I saw pictures comparing the two and they looked rather similar except for Don't Mess with OPI is slightly lighter and more yellow-toned. I'm sure eventually I'll cave in to my "collector" (hoarder as my bf says) tendencies and buy Jade is the New Black.

Do You Think I'm Texy topped with China Glaze Dollhouse. Originally I wasn't going to buy any of the "sorbet" shades from the Texas collection, because I didn't think I'd be a fan of the sheerness. They ended up growing on me, and now I enjoy jelly polishes. Also the Dollhouse looks like I took the time to put individual blingy polka dots on my nails. 

Don't Mess with OPI again topped with Funky Fingers- Erin for St. Paddy's day! It was a very festive one!
Funky Dunkey from the Shrek Collection. It's a bit darker when it's not photographed with a flash.
Funky Dunkey topped with Thrills in Beverly Hills topcoat. I've gotten some comments asking if I was a Laker's fan. Nope, I don't pay attention to sports except for Pittsburgh Penguins hockey. I'm a Yinzer :) My boyfriend actually picked out this combination and he later told me that these were his hometown elementary school colors haha

Gift of Gold.. it was an ULTA holiday exclusive from last year. And yes, I'm wearing my polar bear pajamas. I cannot type in words how much I LOVE this. I wish I would have gotten more!

Green-wich Village. I really enjoyed this one. It's kind of like a jelly and I'm a huge fan of greens.

Candy Mani with Bring on the Bling under Guy Meets Galveston. I think I added one more coat of Guy Meets Galveston later.

Phone pic: Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede after 2 days of wear. This is my favorite OPI suede!

Hey Get in Lime! With Maybelline Colorama flakies that you can barely see and Essie Matte About You. Hey Get in Lime! is my all time favorite OPI mint green. It's a shame that it's discontinued and hard to find now. I may just buy a back up on Ebay before it gets to be too expensive.

In the Spotlight Pink 3 coats. This may be my go-to job interview color since it's very subtle and safe. Hopefully when I actually get an interview, my nails won't be as stained :(

I Vant to be a Lone Star. I love the shimmer/pearly look to this.

La Pazitively Hot matte topped with Black Shatter. I then added a coat of Essie Matte About You

Melon of Troy with Glitter Bit of Music top coat. This probably wasn't a good shade to put Glitter Bit of Music over. It blended in and got lost in the shimmer.  It would probably be the most noticeable over a darker cream shade.

Sephora by OPI: Mermaid to Order. This one lasted a long time without chipping! This is the only Sephora by OPI I own, but the formula was awesome, and I hope to buy more someday.

I don't have the original My Private Jet, so I tried to recreate it. First I used a coat of black, and then added 2 coats of the new MPJ. After, I added Out the Door Northern Lights holo top coat. It turned out pretty sweet! Sorry for the mess. Sometimes I get so excited about taking pictures that I forget to clean up beforehand.

Ogre the Top Blue with China Glaze Lightening Bolt on top. This was an amazing combo. Too bad the picture turned out so blurry.

Planks a Lot with Silver Shatter. ARghhH! (Imagine saying that in a pirate accent)

another angle

Plum Full of Cheer (another ULTA holiday exclusive) with Show it and Glow it on top!

This picture turned out terrible but it's the Serena duo: Rally Pretty Pink with Red Shatter

without flash

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