Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why, greetings blogging world!

So, hi everyone! My name is Jill. I decided to create a nail polish blog spur-of-the-moment. I do have some reasoning behind it though. I've loved nail polish ever since I can remember, and just recently I got interested in collecting it. Before, I was content just collecting it and using it as a hobby; but now I've accumulated over 300 bottles from various brands, I figured that I'd share with the blogging world. I have always enjoyed looking at and reading nail polish blogs. I get a lot of inspiration from them, as well as "I have to get this color!" (Which my wallet doesn't enjoy very much). I figured that I'd do the same for others by creating a blog. I usually change my nail polish every couple days, since I will get bored with the same color for a while unless I'm super busy. I got the name "The Nail Polish Rehab Candidate" from an experience I had last week. Trade Secret was selling all of their Essie nail polishes for just $2 each, so I picked up around 20 of them. The cashier said to me "You know they have rehab for that." So the name was born!

As for an about me, I graduated last year with a degree in art education. I figured that I would make myself more marketable by pursuing a dual Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Elementary and Special Education. Currently life is a little chaotic, but I'll graduate in December. Right now probably wasn't the best time to start up a blog since my life is overrun by massive amounts of homework, and soon student teaching, but I believe I need to have a balance between work and fun, so I figured I'd share my hobby :)

I have tons of pictures of colors and combinations I've worn for the past few months. I plan on posting these in a few collective posts, and then hopefully I'll catch up to what I'm wearing currently. I hope everyone enjoys!

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