Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some Indie Brands

I have some various indie brands that I wore throughout this week.
This combination is made up of Liquid Lacquer- White Walkers layered over Pretty & Polished- Slime Time. I just love the way that my camera captured all of the different colors shifts that occurred in White Walkers.

White Walkers is an iridescent glitter. It works best as a top coat or to layer with because it is very sheer. I used two coats of it over Slime Time.
White Walkers was part of a limited edition Game of Thrones collection (which I love!!!) I refer to this mani as the "zombie swamp".
Here's Pretty & Polished- Slime Time taken indoors without the flash. I really wanted to like this shade. The formula was great. Slime Time is exactly what it was advertised to be. A murky, yellow-green jelly. I liked the concept and execution of it, and the formula was great for a jelly. I just didn't like the way that it looked on my nails.
Taken with the flash: Slime Time is super sheer! I am wearing three coats of it here and you can see visible nail line. This would be a good shade for jelly sandwiches. With only one or two coats of this, my nails look very stained. As much as I love greens and jellies, this one just didn't work for me. This shade has been discontinued, but Pretty & Polished polishes can be purchased through their Etsy store.

Next up is Enchanted Polish- Gummy Worm. This is the only Enchanted Polish that I own (but I'm definitely open to purchasing more if the opportunity presents itself)
Gummy Worm is a green-apple shade and there is a subtle holo effect. The holo was actually more apparent in the bottle than on the nail, but I don't own any holos in this shade of green.
For being a holo (which usually have difficult-to-work-with, runny, streaky formulas), this one applied like butter in two smooth coats. In fact, it was almost a one-coater! I was amazed with how opaque it was with minimal effort and the finish was amazingly smooth.
I took a picture indoors with the flash to show the holo effect. It's not quite linear, but it's not scattered either. It falls in-between. I just love this shade of green! Enchanted Polish can be purchased through their website.
The next combo is Amy's Nail Boutique- For Jonathan layered over Essie- Where's My Chauffeur? I was a little iffy about how this combination would work, but I ended up loving it!
For Jonathan is a very special polish. It was custom made for charity, and the proceeds went to Colon cancer. My fiance's father is a survivor, and this cause is very close to my heart. It is a cause that I am eager to donate to. For Jonathan is composed of blue microglitter, and larger blue and brown hex glitters.
I only put on one coat of For Jonathan because I really liked how Where's My Chauffeur? showed through. It reminds me of a robin's egg! With multiple coats, I believe that For Jonathan would be able to build up to opacity. Amy's Nail Boutique polishes can be purchased via her Etsy Shop.

Here's Essie- Where's My Chauffeur? This picture was taken indoors without the flash. It is a light turquoise creme and it's very reminiscent to the classic China Glaze- For Audrey. Where's My Chauffeur? was released in Essie's past holiday collection titled Leading Lady.
Here it is with the flash. I cannot stress how great the formula was with this. Application was a breeze and it dried rather quickly.

Last is Glitzology- Neapolitan. Being a fan of ice cream and all things sweet, I just had to have this one.  It's composed of pink/copper glitter, brown and white hex glitter of various sizes, and some tiny long pieces of white bar glitter. 

I love the way that this turned out! It definitely reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream.

I have to confess that I did struggle with the application of this. The formula was rather thick (that's to be expected of densely packed glitters). Because the application was so thick, I only needed two coats. As I was painting my nails, the polish kept progressively getting goopy. I had some polish thinner on hand, and I dropped in a few drops every couple nails. Due to how thick it was, it might be difficult to wear this one layered over another shade. 
I was able to smooth it out using two coats of Gelous followed by one coat of Seche Vite. I used the Elmer's glue base coat with this, so the polish just peeled right off when I wanted it to. I imagine that this would be very difficult to remove and would probably require the acetone and foil method if the glue base coat isn't used. Glitzology polishes can be purchased through the Etsy shop. There are sometimes really good promos posted on the facebook page, so make sure you "like" Glitzology.

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