Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wicked Polish- Pink Eye

This is Wicked Polish- Pink Eye. I love the names and themes for Wicked Polish, and I've purchased almost every one of them! Pink Eye consists of various sizes of silver, white, and transparent pink hex glitters suspended in a sheer pink jelly base.

The pink base was quite sheer and I needed to use three coats. You can still see my nails a little bit even after three coats. If you want to conserve Pink Eye, I recommend layering it over a light pink creme. 
This is like a jelly sandwich in a bottle. I love the various sizes and colors of glitter suspended in the base! The giant neon pink hexes are my favorite.

Here is a picture taken indoors with the flash. With three coats, it was almost opaque. This is a great polish for pink lovers, and if people are weirded out by pink eye, just don't tell them the name of this polish. Wicked Polish can be purchased in the Etsy Store for $10 a bottle. Usually restocks are announced through Instagram, so make sure to follow @wickedpolish