Saturday, December 17, 2011

Color Club Revvvolution

I recently purchased Color Club Revvvolution on eBay. I don't own many Color Club shades, but I heard that they have recently started carrying them at Sally's, so that may change. I love those dark prismatic colors. I own the new version of OPI's My Private Jet, but unfortunately I can't bring myself to shell out nearly $100 for a bottle of it on Ebay. Color Club Revvvolution fulfills that lemming (plus it didn't cost nearly as much!) This picture is with the flash.

Here it is without the flash. I love this color so much! I wish I could leave it on for longer, but it seems to be chipping fast. I wouldn't consider this color as a black, but almost a charcoal shade. I decided to label it as "almost black", since it isn't quite there yet.


  1. This is a good color to have picked up. Not much of this is still around as it is from a CC collection that is 1-2 yrs old - but it's a fav of mine. As far as Sally's carrying CC - that was ONLY a very limited collection of scented CC sold for holiday. At this point, no plans for Sally's to carry CC which is sad. I have no where to pick up Color Club anywhere for hundreds of miles around me. It's a great price point to have fun with. I would love to see Sally's carry more lines of polish. Maybe eventually they will since it's a large part of their walk in retail business these days.

  2. I love this color! Yeah it is too bad that Sally's won't be carrying Color Club. I haven't been to Sally's in a while, so hopefully they still have the holiday scented collection. The only place I have seen CC was Ross, and I haven't even seen it there in a while. Hopefully Sally's decides to carry CC in the future!