Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Forever 21 Nail Polish Swatches

Today I went to Forever 21 to buy a dress for a wedding that I have to go to. Of course, I stumbled upon the nail polish. The prices ranged from $1.80-$2.80, so I bought seven of them! I figured that I would swatch them because I haven't had too much luck finding swatches of these online. None of them have unique names either.

Here is the haul picture:

Don't you just love those rose petal-shaped bottles? They were so adorable I just couldn't resist! On to the swatches. Also, I apologize that my nails look really stained/dirty from wearing a lot of reds lately. The stains have gotten progressively worse the more I swatched. The rose shaped bottles were also really awkward to hold. The middle finger has 3 coats, ring has 2, and the pinky has one. I found that the majority of these colors are probably better for layering over darker polishes. I also didn't use any base or top coat when swatching these.
This didn't have a name but it has a really sheer green base with different sizes of glitter.

This one looked so much darker in the bottle than it actually it. It's a sheer gray jelly with holographic glitter. You can even see that 3 coats of this is probably not enough. This probably needs four or five.

This one was more pigmented than the other two rose petal polishes but I still think it may have needed more than three coats. This one was really pretty and packed with glitter!

This one was named "light green". I knew the green wouldn't show up, but I picked it up because of the flakies. Flakies are so difficult to capture in photos! This would probably be ideal to layer over a darker color or an existing mani to give it something extra.

Without the flash, you can see the shimmer in the base.

This one was called "clear". I think it is more than clear. The formula was very think and it reminded me immediately of Essence-Space Queen. I would like to try this over a darker color.

Without the flash

This one was called "gold". I really enjoy the bar glitter in it. The yellowy/gold base makes my fingers look dirty, so I would want to wear this over a darker color. It was very difficult to evenly distribute the glitter.

Without the flash

This was called "teal/black". In one coat, it's like a sheer dark gray. Some people could probably get away with wearing two coats of this, but I did three just to make it completely evened out. It looks more black than teal though.

Without the flash. That one with one coat looks so gross haha

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