Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zoya Mira with Crackle Accent

I have had this one for a while and had yet to try it:

I expected this to look a little bit more blue-toned, but it still looks okay on my skin tone. It was terrible to apply, and I've never had so much trouble applying a Zoya before. I think it was because I don't have AC and my apartment is blazing hot. The polish would get all sticky before I could even finish a coat! My Seche Vite has been bubbly too.. I think I thinned it too much and it's time to get a new bottle, or it may just be due to the heat. I'm thinking of investing in the professional size of SV because it's such a good deal. I also decided to do an accent nail of Funky Fingers- Black Scales

Without the flash. I'm glad I didn't do all the fingers in Black Scales because these two colors aren't contrasting enough. I already have the OPI and China Glaze crackles/shatters, but I picked up the Funky Fingers also because it was so inexpensive and the cracking effect looks slightly different to me. It seems to crack more.