Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Barielle- Elle's Spell and Nail Mail

I'm so glad I finally purchased Barielle- Elle's Spell. It's an AMAZING red jelly filled with flakies! I love flakies in general, but when they're suspended in a jelly, the effect is gorgeous! This is three coats. The flakies flash orange, yellow, and green.
Here you can see the shifting colors of the flakies. I've seen pictures of Elle's Spell layered over other shades, but I thought I would try wearing it by itself first. This would look pretty over a red.

I then purchased a lot of nail polish from Polish or Perish. Here is what came into the mail today:
Sinful Colors- Daddy's Girl, Dream On (the old version), and Nail Junkie. The newer version of Dream on is a neon purple. This is a neon pink/berry color. I'm not sure when the formula changed. I wasn't able to find a lot of information about it.

China Glaze- Devotion, and Misa- Fire Coral and Forbidden Lust (My first Misas!)

Eyeko- Pretty Polish and Pastel Polish and Essie- Pink is the Link (my first Essie mini!) I was excited to get the Eyeko polishes because they no longer make nail polish.

CM- Lunar Plains (First CM polish!), Sally Hansen- Lightening, and Brucci- Daniella's Curve

Unfortunately, one of my new buddies did not make the trip. Sation- Silver Glitter. I'm just thankful that it wasn't one of the more pricey brands. I'm not too upset about it. I'll probably order some Sation polishes from Trans Design eventually.


  1. I love big mail day hauls! Sorry your one baby broke! you will love Ellie's Spell is my guess.

    1. Nail mail is so exciting!! :) At least this the only time a bottle broke in the mail. With all of the times I've ordered nail polish other times, it didn't happen. I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

  2. I haven't tried this yet, even though I own it. It looks beautiful! Also, you picked up some very pretty polish's! I love nail mail lol.

    1. I love it! Elle's Spell looks so gorgeous on its own!