Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OPI London Bridge is Falling Brown

Today I'm wearing OPI- London Bridge is Falling Brown. This is from the Fall 2003 British Collection. I purchased this in a blog sale, and this is the old black label formula. It applied very nicely! It almost was completely opaque in one coat! It is a deep brownish red creme. It kind of reminds me of China Glaze- Brownstone, based on the pictures I have seen of it. I do not own Brownstone. Sometimes it looks darker than in this picture. I didn't even bother uploading the picture I took of this with the flash because it looked bright red, and this shade is nowhere close to that. I liked the formula, but this shade seems to be getting tipwear pretty quickly.

I was able to order most of the China Glaze Hunger Games collection from Trans Design. I ordered every one except for Riveting because it was out of stock. I can't wait for them to arrive! I also can't wait for the movie! 


  1. This is much prettier than CG Brownstone...and if the old blk labels are still in good shape, they are so wonderful. I have many since my current collection was purged maybe 3 times since OPI came out. I would weed out ones I thought I never would wear - sadly a ton of the really now sought after OPI old shades.

    For me, Riveting is the HIT of the Hunger Games collection. I love red/oranges (orange/reds) anyway. Mine is a bit watery but I can deal with it if I give enough time for each layer to dry and make sure I am not going to have pooling then or bald spots. Riveting to me is the best parts of Zoya Kimmy from last summer, and an old OPI called Dressed To Empress that was among my all time fav shades for wearing when a red/orange cream is not wanted and I need a little bit of bling. I hope OPI re-invents Dressed To Empress in a more updated shimmer/glass fleck form. It's a little more red in it than Riveting.

  2. I love black labels! I can't wait to go dusty hunting to find more. London Bridge is Falling Brown looked so much better on my nails than it did in the bottle. As for Riveting, it's definitely on my wishlist! I'll first see if I'm able to find it in the stores, and if not, I'll just search on ebay or combine it if I order anything else from Trans Design.