Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Man Behind the Polish!

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mike, a.k.a. the anti-nail polish fiance.  Most of you will probably hate me.

Okay, that was easy-ish.  Now for some more probing questions.  What do you think about the fact that your girlfriend/wife has a nail polish blog and is obsessed with little bottles of happiness?

To be honest, I do not mind the blog at all and the collection wouldn't be bad if it weren't so overwhelming.  Sometimes when I come home and see the all of the shoe boxes I feel like I'm on an episode of hoarders.  I understand a person wanting nail polish, but wearing a bottle just once and putting it into what I call the "discard shoe box" is a little much.  When a person pays sometimes between $8-15 on a tiny bottle, I believe that the bottle should be used completely.

What is your favorite color polish that your girlfriend/wife has worn?

If I HAD to pick one, I guess it would be the lime green shatter she layered over a bright orange.

Do you happen to know the name of that polish or is it just a color to you?

No.. but I picked it out.  She usually makes me pick out her polish and combos (which is another thing that makes this whole "collection" too overwhelming).

What's the craziest thing you've done for your girlfriend/wife in the name of her polish obsession?

A couple very "incoherent" times I let her paint my big toe.

What are the benefits, if any in your opinion, of having a girlfriend/wife that has pretty hands and nails?

I respect the fact that she likes to look nice, but I would like her to use her bottles more than just the initial time.  With our assorted bills, the need of groceries, and starving people, it seems a bit ridiculous to waste SOOOO much money on something that you are only going to use once. 

What are the most annoying things, if any in your opinion, of having a girlfriend/wife that has pretty hands and nails?  Please note, that it your girlfriend/wife who is interviewing you.

I don't want to take up all the space on her blog.

Other than nail polish, what cosmetic and/or fashion products do you like on your girlfriend/wife?

I would love her just as much (or maybe even more) without any cosmetics.  She definitely doesn't need them to complement her beauty.

Here's your opportunity to win over the hearts and hands of hundreds of girls: say something nice about your girlfriend/wife, referencing how her polish blog has helped contribute to the general happiness of the world.  100 words or less, please.

I only need to win over her heart and I am going to play it safe by saying "no comment" in regards to her nail polish.  I'm just glad it makes her happy.

Okay now that this is concluding, any last thoughts or comments you'd like your girlfriend/wife's readers to know about said girlfriend/wife?

Please do not overwhelm your significant others.


  1. Hahha yes, he is mean!! I can see where he's coming from... NOT!!!