Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Halloween Combo

This is a very unique combination! I layered Liquid Lacquer (formerly 2Chix Lacquer)- Goblin Spit over China Glaze- Solar Power. Goblin Spit is filled with various sizes of matte white hex and bar glitter, and larger pieces of transparent lime green glitter with a few pink ones. I just love how the transparent glitter looks layered over the yellow.
There was a lot of glitter in Goblin Spit! I didn't have to do much fishing- only for the pink pieces because there weren't as many in the bottle. It took me a while to figure out which base I wanted to layer this over, because a darker shade would show the white glitter, but not the colored glitter. Yellow was a good decision!
I love having short nails again also!  I applied two coats of Goblin Spit.

Solar Power is a medium yellow with a subtle hint of shimmer. It was a little bit streaky and it needed three coats for opacity. I own very few yellow polishes, but when I wear them, they're enjoyable.

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