Monday, October 29, 2012

Glow-in-the-Dark and Halloween Costume Mani

 I was pleased with the result of this combo. I topped off a Blue Cross unnamed glow in the dark blue with Liquid Lacquer (Formerly 2Chix)- Safety Stick. There's a lot going on with this- shards and bars of black glitter, large sheer-color hex glitter, and small pieces of silver glitter. To top it all off, it glows in the dark! 
Here are a couple pictures I took of it on my phone
I used two coats of Safety Stick and dabbed it around for even coverage. This picture is with the flash.
Without the flash, you can see the smaller silver glitter. The large colored hexes in Safety Stick came right out of the bottle and there was no fishing necessary.

Here is the Blue Cross glow in the dark polish by itself. 
 This is with the flash. It was somewhat sheer and needed three coats. Blue Cross is the same brand that comes out with those seasonal Halloween pumpkin bottles, and the polishes usually don't have names.
without the flash. This polish said "Disco Lights" on the bottle and the cap lit up.
I tried to get a picture of this glowing in the dark, but it was rather difficult. In real life, this has a very vibrant glow!

For Halloween, my fiance was Dexter and I was one of his victims. I painted my nails each a different color for an added effect just like the Ice Truck Killer's victim. Here is a picture I took of it on my phone.
I decided to stick with all solid colors. Here is what I wore:

Thumb: Misa- Fire Coal
Index finger: OPI- Green-wich Village
Middle finger: Milani- Radiant in Purple
Ring finger: Covergirl- Candy Corn
Pinky: OPI- Ogre the Top Blue

I added some new polishes to my collection. This was over the past couple of weeks:
 OPI Skyfall collection magnetics!
Amy's Nail Boutique: Southwest, For Jonathan, Cherry Blossom, and a custom
 Color Club Halo Hues: top row: Blue Heaven, Cherubic, Angel Kiss
bottom row: Cloud Nine, Halo-graphic, and Harp on it. These are INTENSE holos and I cannot wait to use them. I recommend ordering them through Trans Design or seeing if a friend with a nail tech license can find them for you at a beauty supply store. Regularly priced, these are $10. They are about $7 on Trans Design.
 China Glaze Summer Neons: Hang-Ten Toes, I'm with the Lifeguard, and Ride the Waves
 China Glaze- I Herd That, ORLY- Monster Mash and Right Amount of Evil
 China Glaze Halloween Collection: Immortal, Glitter Goblin, Make a Spectacle, and Cast a Spell
New 2012 China Glaze holiday collection: Pure Joy, Glistening Snow, Pizzazz, Winter Holly, and Glitter all the Way

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  1. Oh! Some nice additions - I want Moneypenny which is odd as I was never a fan of the magnetics at all - but that one with it's sparkle in it and the color too has really caught my eye! I bought a couple glow in the dark polishes - just drug store ones as never found the one last yr from ChG - none of the ones I bought worked - fortunately they were cheap and from the drug store meant I could return them!