Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Manis from the Week

I have a week's worth of manis to share. This week has been busy in the sense that I was either always out of my house or my fiance has been using the computer for grad school homework. (I prefer his computer over my slow PC) Enjoy!
This is Lacquistry- Witches Warts layered over Cetuem- 76. Witches Warts is part of the Halloween collection Lacquistry recently released. It consists of various sizes of glitter. There's black matte hex glitter and various sizes and shades of green glitter- some of it is prismatic. There are some tiny and large hexes in the mix also. Layered over Cetuem- 76, it was very Halloween! The glitter was so concentrated that I'm only wearing one coat of it. 

I've had Cetuem- 76 for a long time. I purchased it from a blog sale over a year ago and just never used it because it's kind of an odd color. It's like a muted dirty orange creme. The formula was amazing and I really liked the brush! I'm wearing two perfect coats. The only issue I had was that it got tipwear pretty quickly, but that's no issue if you change your polish as often as I do. I do not know a lot about the Cetuem brand, just that it's British.

 I received many compliments on this one. I am wearing Candy Lacquer- Autumn Leaves layered over Sinful Colors- Mesmerize. Autumn Leaves has various sizes of shredded red and yellow shards. Very fall! This was recently released in a Halloween collection. 
 These went together so well! I used two coats of Autumn Leaves and dabbed it around a little bit in order to evenly distribute the glitter. 

I took a picture of Mesmerize on its own before the layering, but it looks navy here. Instead it is an eggplant creme. It had a nice formula and needed two coats. Sinful Colors are pretty good quality for the price. 

Here's a flash picture in which you can see how purple Mesmerize is. In darker areas, it looked almost black. It was very vampy! 

 Last is Pretty & Polished- Them Bones. This is the final one that I had yet to wear from this year's Halloween collection. It's pretty unique! It has large white hex glitters, matte shards, and tiny bar glitter particles suspended in a murky black jelly base. 
I am wearing three coats of this. The way the glitter looks suspended in the jelly is amazing! The effect is so three-dimensional. The glitter was not gritty at all and this mani did not chip. It definitely looks like bones! My one criticism is that the larger hexes were difficult to get out of the bottle, but they were fine after I turned the bottle upside down for five minutes.

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