Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recent Manis

 I've had another busy few days, so I'm catching up on what polish I have worn. Here I have Loreal- The Temptress' Power. This one was also released this fall as part of the Project Runway limited edition collection. It's a shimmery orange- toned tan filled with blue/green shifting shimmer! It's a hard one to describe.
 Here's a good angle of the shimmer! Gorgeous!
 This was a little bit on the sheer side and needed three coats to achieve opacity.
My friends got married this weekend and had a carnival-themed wedding; so I did a mani that reminded me of cotton candy. I also chopped off my nails so they're nubs now. I layered one of the Blue Cross Halloween pumpkin glitters over OPI- Skull and Gloss Bones.
I just love how this looks on short nails! The glitter (which didn't have a name) is blue and magenta medium hexes suspended in a clear base. It was so concentrated, that this is only one coat of it. I applied it with a dabbing motion so that it was evenly distributed. I purchased this one recently, so check out your drugstore Halloween displays!

Here's OPI- Skull and Glossbones all by itself. It's a very light gray creme. It was a great formula and only needed two coats. It was from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection released in spring of 2011.

Some new additions!
 Some Halloween Candy Lacquers
Dusty haul is on the top row: OPI- Blushingham Palace, Maliblue, Boot-Hill a Vanilla, Chicago Champagne Toast, Greenwich Green, Wyatt Earple Purple, and Out of this World

I also purchased Crim-Sun from and friend and she threw in Dollish Polish- Toad-ally Awesome! It was awesome indeed :)

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