Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catching up

This week has been rather hectic so I have a couple manis that I took pictures of but just didn't post.
This is Funky Fingers- Power Play. The name reminds me of hockey. It is a very vibrant neon purple in the bottle, and I didn't expect it to be as neon on the nails. I expected it to be sheer, and it wasn't nearly as sheer as I thought. This is two coats. It also dried to a somewhat matte finish so I put Seche Vite on top of it.

Without the flash

This is two coats of Essie-Really Red and I topped it off with a glitter from Love and Beauty (Forever 21 brand). The glitter was titled "Clear", so I'm guessing there wasn't much thought put into the name. Essie Really Red is kind of jelly-like. It's sheerer than most cremes and I'm wearing two coats. In the picture it's hard to see, but in person you can see my nails through it.

Without the flash. The glitter was in a very thick clear base. I'm only wearing one coat of it. I put on Seche Vite so I don't know how long it would have taken to dry without it. This mani reminds me of a holiday like Christmas or Valentines day haha.

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