Monday, August 22, 2011

OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte

I haven't worn a matte polish in a while, so I picked OPI La Paz-itvely Hot.
This is probably my favorite OPI matte. Unlike the others, it has some shimmer to it. I love these because they dry so fast! They do tend to stain though. OPI says not to use a base coat with these, but I used Nail Envy matte and it seems to work fine. There have been some complaints on these regarding the wear time, but it really doesn't bother me since I change my polish so often anyway. The OPI Suedes seem to be more durable. I currently own Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, Lincoln Park After Dark, and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees. I know they've been discontinued, but they're on Amazon and eBay. 

Here it is without the flash.


  1. I also loveee the drying time on the matte polishes :) This one looks lovely!

  2. So, I remember on one of my posts you mentioned trying to find Revlon's Royal, and not having any luck. Well, I was in CVS yesterday, and saw some there. I'm heading out that way again, and was just wondering if you wanted me to pick one up for you? Maybe we could do a little "mini swap" and you could pick something up for me? Let me know what you think! Shoot me an email at :)