Wednesday, August 24, 2011

China Glaze Virtual Violet and HUGE Urban Decay Haul!!!

So I cut my nails the other day. They were getting too long for my liking again. This time I kind of went overboard and they're so tiny! My nails always seem to grow back quickly though.

I love holos! I wish they would become part of permanent collections because after the limited edition shades are sold out and so hard to find! I'm not shelling out more than $20 for a bottle of nail polish, that's my bottom line! (Unless it's Chanel Peridot) Virtual Violet is pretty brilliant! Also, I'm not holding the bottle of it. Instead it's China Glaze peppermint cuticle oil. I left the bottle in the other room and was too lazy to get it!

Here it is without the flash. More holo brilliance!

Urban Decay had a massive sale with products $1 to $7!! I seized this opportunity! Excuse my duck bedsheets haha. All of this came to around $60 including shipping. I did the math because I was curious to see how much this would be with original prices and it would be around $450! So I saved nearly $400! This may be my best deal ever besides the $2 Essies I encountered at Trade Secret a couple months ago. Urban Decay still has plenty of items on their sale page, so it's not too late! Here's the listing of the items I purchased:
Cream Eyeshadows: Suburbia, Radium, Asphalt, Whipped, Weeds, Sphynx, Grass, Mushroom, and Delinquent
Loose Pigments: Shattered, X, Protest, Asphyxia, Gunmetal, Smog, Graffiti, Shag, and Rockstar
Eye Shadows: Chronic, Purple Haze, Green Goddess, and Half Baked
Eye Shadow Transforming Potion
Liquid Liner in Roach
I also received a small sample of Urbanglow cream highlight in Sin


  1. what a great haul!!
    I love virtual violet!!

  2. oh wow thats an awesome haul lol!

    shel xx

  3. WOW! Love the virtual violet!

    xoxo Hazel