Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some Pink Adventures!

Last Thursday I started student teaching. I will be VERY busy, but I'm going to try to post a couple times a week still. Lately I have been posting a couple manicures at a time. I decided to stick with a pale pink for my first day of school, just in case the dress code was strict.
Zoya Bela was perfect! This was after two days of wear. I love the way this looks at me, but I struggled with applying it. The formula is rather thick, and you have to apply it thick in order to achieve opacity. It took a really long time to dry and it still dented a little bit, even with Seche Vite.

Here it is without the flash. I know, my cuticles are terrible-looking.

I then went to my boyfriend's mom's house for the weekend. She has a chocolate lab named Buster. He is really sweet and chill, and he will let you paint his nails! (only on the back paws). We visit there once every few weeks, so I'm thinking I may make a habit of doing his toenails. Doesn't he look adorable? haha

I used OPI Sparrow Me the Drama as the base and then OPI Turquoise Shatter!

He loved it!

For the weekend, I painted my nails with OPI A Rose at Dawn Broke by Noon, and then I painted two coats of OPI I Lily Love You on top of that. It was an awesome combination

Here is the finished product. The middle finger looks like it has a smudge on it, but actually it's a giant flakie! The flakie goodness was rather difficult to capture with the camera.

Here it is without the flash.

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  1. I love I Lily Love You! So great to layer over other pinks :) I think it might also look good over navy's, but I haven't tried it yet.

  2. So pretty! Buster's pawdicure is really neat -my dogs would have a cow!