Friday, January 27, 2012

Funky Fingers Baby-Baby-Baby and Some New Additions

Here is Funky Fingers Baby-Baby-Baby. I hope it isn't named after the Justin Bieber song haha. It is a mix of light blue glitter and holographic silver glitter. This took three coats. The glitter was very gritty and even with three coats there were still some bare spots that I had to touch up. In the light, this polish is absolutely gorgeous. This photo shows it with the flash.

Without the flash and a little blurred, you can see all the dimensions of sparkle!

I ordered the Deborah Lippmann Edge of Glory set from Barney's because it was on sale. It was $29 with free shipping and they may have some left. I was not going to get this if it was full price.

It came with two shades. The first one is called Edge of Glory base color and it is just a plain black creme.

This is the flakie top coat (called Edge of Glory top color). When this is layered over the black creme, magical things are supposed to happen! I cannot wait to try this duo! Plus, I love Lady Gaga!

I made a trip to ULTA to utilize my 20% off coupon. I picked up Essie- As Gold as it Gets Luxe Effects topcoat, OPI- Fly, and China Glaze- Some Like it Haute. I wasn't able to find OPI Save Me so I may have to order it online in order to complete my Nicki Minaj collection.

The Essence display at ULTA was pretty pathetic when it came to nail polish. They had like three shades that I already owned. They did have a lot of eyeliners marked down to 50% off. I got each of the pencils for 60 cents each and the gel eyeliner was $1.50. I'm eager to try these out also! I needed new eyeliner and I hear good things about Essence- although the ULTA here needs to have a wider selection of their polishes!


  1. wow that is beautiful! and jealous of your DL set.. just couldn't do it, but that is a good deal!

  2. Thank you! Normally I don't spend that much on high-end polish brands, but I knew that if I didn't get the DL set while it was on sale, I would later regret it.

  3. Great haul! I have that DL Edge of Glory (bought without the black DL) is really pretty. Have fun with all your new goodies!