Monday, January 16, 2012

Russian Navy Suede and Mini Haul

Here I have two coats of OPI Russian Navy Suede. This picture is with the flash. This may be my favorite OPI Suede next to Here Today Aragon Tomorrow. It's that same great shade as the original Russian Navy only with additional shimmer to imitate the suede look. 

Here it is without the flash. I apologize that it's not focused to the extent. You can really see the finish. This color just reminds me of winter. In Pittsburgh, it is FREEZING at the moment. I can barely stay warm in my electric-heated apartment.

Upon discovering that the Wet n Wild Color Icon shades were on sale at Walgreens, I had to go back! I picked up the remaining ones they had: Cost is No Issue, Give Me a Price Quote, Back Alley Deals, and It's All in the Cut. Of course my OCD still wants to find the gold and red ones (the names are escaping me) just to make the collection complete. For $1.50 each, that's not bad. 

I then saw the Essie Luxe Effects collection display. Every time I've seen it, Shine of the Times has been sold out. I found one hiding behind the rest of the display and snatched it up! The flakies in this one look more concentrated than the Finger Paints ones. I can't wait to try it out! I want to pick up more Luxe Effects in the future but this one was my priority.


  1. I completely understand wanting to complete the set! I wish I didn't--my stash would not be so out of control if I could just stop myself from buying all of a collection so often. :)

  2. When OPI collections come out, I end up wanting them all and it's wayyyy too expensive haha. I'm going to have to buy a helmer to house my collection soon. At this point I have 8 large shoe boxes full of polish bottles standing up.