Thursday, January 19, 2012

OPI DS Coronation and Nail Mail!

Today I wore OPI DS Coronation. It is a silver holographic. It doesn't have a linear effect but it's still gorgeous nonetheless. It's kind of on the sheer side. This took three thin coats. I could have probably gone for a forth one, but I got impatient and just wanted it to dry. OPI has discontinued this shade, but I have seen a couple at ULTA in the recent months. It can easily be found on eBay for $8, so definitely pick up this shade before it becomes hard to find! OPI needs to release more holographics in their Designer Series line!

Here it is without the flash. I'm experimenting with new places to get accurate lighting. This is under the ceiling fan in my bedroom (while standing on my bed). It seemed to work pretty well.

Lindsey from Neverland Nail Blog was having a blog sale and I purchased 3 polishes. My package just came! I got Del Sol Knockout and Reckless and Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic (the colorful bar glitter version). When I saw pictures of the Black Magic with bar glitter, I had to have it and I'm happy I came across it! I can't wait to layer it over some shades. Del Sols are really interesting too. I already own Heartbreaker. I'm excited to see how these new ones work. I may have to wait though because there isn't much sun during this Pennsylvania winter :(


  1. love that polish! looks great on you :)

  2. Thanks! :) I just love holos!

  3. I am on the Holo bandwagon - love the HITS line coming up from Brazil. Nfu-Oh #61-66 amazing - but I cannot get my hands on #61 and wonder if they ever are going to make more of it??? This one is nice - but it sort of has been iffy on the DS releases. There are great, good and fall flat totally ones. I think one of my favs is one that is non-holo Royal HTF now. I also like to use it alone which eats my bottles of it up as it's sheer and calls out for a blue base. But doing that, I loose parts of it I adore. Magic is a great blue DS out now and reasonable $. Many love Temptation out now too. I grabbed a couple bottles of each so I could use one and see how I feel about them - maybe down the road will pass on the extra bottles as I vowed now not to grab extra dupes due to my huge storage issue.