Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blue Jelly Franken!!!

I'm wearing a one-of-a-kind polish today. Literally- it's the only of it's kind! I bought this franken in a blog sale from Nat from No Holos!  It is a blue jelly with white hex glitter and very sparse white bar glitter. In the bottle it looked like there was going to be much more glitter on the nail. Instead it's just kind of randomly scattered. Some nails only have one speck of glitter on them. My OCD doesn't like that. I love the blue jelly! It's absolutely gorgeous!! It was on the sheer side and this is three coats. After the first 1-2 coats I was questioning if it would actually look good and I'm glad I kept painting. This picture is with the flash. Theres a lot of visible nail line, but that doesn't really bother me too much as long as my nails don't look dirty. My nails are getting long again! This is the perfect length before they start to feel too long.
Without the flash, it looks like a dark teal. I love how due to the layering of the glitter in the multiple coats of the blue jelly, some glitter specks are blue and others are white. There are a couple buried under three coats that you can't really see. It's a shame this bottle is so small. It's about half gone just from using three coats to do this mani. I purchased it after it was used a couple times though. I would love a full size of this! I've gotten a few compliments on it also :) Luckily, nobody has asked where to buy it from.

Now some nail mail hauls! I'm *trying* to be good, but that's not really working at the moment.
My Cult Nails order arrived from the sale! They have the names on the cute little burritos. I almost hate to unwrap them! 

Here's Living Water, Hypnotize Me, Cruisin' Nude, and Seduction (yayyy! flakies!)

And for the grande finale!!!

Nail Venturous FLOAM!!!! I finally got this gem. Just look at it in all of it's glory!!! It has matte neon green and turquoise glitter reminiscent of the Nickelodeon goo. I miss that! I think somebody should make a green jelly called Gak- that would be sweet!!

Here's the Nickelodeon Floam if any of you kids from the 90s remember

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