Friday, May 18, 2012

Green and Glitter!

I have an interesting layering combo today. This is two coats of Dare to Wear- Disc Jockey layered over two coats of Cosmetic Arts- mint green (the shade didn't have a name). This would have been a good mani to wear for St. Patrick's day! Disc Jockey has a murky-green tinted base and it is filled with various sizes of green prismatic glitter and tiny pieces of prismatic bar glitter. I decided to layer Disc Jockey because I figured the sheer green jelly base would make my nails look gross on their own.
Here is the unnamed Cosmetic Arts mint green. It is a creme. The formula was really good. I believe I purchased this at Ross on clearance for $1. I think Cosmetic Arts is owned by the same brand that produces Funky Fingers and Color Club. After Disc Jockey was layered over it, the green became less blue and more yellow. It was a gorgeous combo!