Saturday, May 12, 2012

ORLY- Mysterious Curse and Nail Mail

I recently purchased ORLY Mysterious Curse from the Dark Shadows collection. The movie was released in theaters today, but I'm not going to see it this week. I also would like to get Buried Alive from the collection- it's a gorgeous brown shimmer! Mysterious curse is what I would categorize as a "blurple" shimmer. It's not exactly a duochrome although it looks blue in some lightings and purple in others. This picture is with the flash, so it causes the blue shimmer to be more prominent. It has blue shimmer particles in a purple base.
Without the flash, it looks much more purple. Although this polish is gorgeous, application was a nightmare. I am wearing three thick coats of this. It was just really runny and streaky so I needed thick coats for it to be opaque. Due to the thick coats, it took a while to dry even with a coat of Seche Vite. The end result is pretty though. 
I received some nail mail today! I purchased from No Holo's!  blog sale. I got two unique mini frankens. They're purple and blue jellies filled with white matte glitter and Essence Vampire's Love Collection- The Dawn is Broken. This is my FIRST Essence that isn't a colour and go mini bottle! I just love their packaging. 

In terms of my efforts in the Nail Polish Buying Challenge, yesterday was 4 weeks into it! (I caved and bought the ORLY Mysterious Curse yesterday) So I believe I made it!  4 weeks counts as a month. I just purchased some Cult Nails polishes- they have a 50% off sale on select polishes today only! I also ordered some clearance Deborah Lippmann polishes from HSN (about $5 each- so awesome discount!)  I am actually about to embark on an ULTA trip to check to see if they have the Spiderman collection. I have been eagerly awaiting it!


  1. Mysterious Curse is amazing!! I have Royal Velvet..unsure if theyre exact dupes but one of my top favs. Those frankens look awesome!

    1. From the pictures I've seen comparing the two, they look like dead-on dupes to me. I wanted to get Royal Velvet for the longest time, and then after Mysterious Curse came out, I figured that I would just get that instead. I can't wait to try the frankens!!

  2. Mysterious Curse looks a LOT like Lippmann's "Dancing In The Sheets" - very blue under flash, more purple without. Since you have both colors, I'd love to see a comparison...