Friday, May 4, 2012

Fish Egg Friday Part Two!

I have another Fish Egg Friday mani. I got six containers of microbeads in a variety pack, so I just figured I'd coordinate them with the manis I'm wearing currently on Fridays. I am wearing three coats of Zoya Audrey topped off with two coats of Zoya Chloe, and then I added an accent of clear beads. I took the picture before I put topcoat over the beads. 

Heres's my mani before adding the beads. I really like Chloe! The Zoya Fleck Effect collection is really unique in that the base the flakies are in is slightly tinted. I tried to wear this one alone, but I wanted a little bit more coverage, so I used a base of Zoya- Audrey. 
Here's a pre clean-up of Audrey by itself. It is VERY sheer, and this is three coats of it. Audrey was part of the limited edition Peter Som box set that was released a couple months ago. 

I also got some small purchases. I've been really good about regulating my nail polish purchases lately, and I've decided to participate in the Nail Polish Buying Challenge. It is not exactly a no-buy, but it puts some serious limitations on purchasing nail polish. You are permitted to get nail polish if it's at least 50% off or free. Shipping costs do not count against you. You just have to last a month. I've been monitoring my buying since April 20th- so I put a pretty big dent in. So here are my exceptions...
I got Zoya- Zuza for free by redeeming my Share the Love points- I just had to pay for shipping. I also bought MAC- Pink Freeze, and Milani- HD from Oh So Lacquered's blog sale. These were about $2.50 each, so they were definitely at least 50% off. I'm really excited about the MAC. It's a vintage bottle. I actually like the older frosted glass MAC bottles and I'm not really a fan of the new ones (which also hold less polish and have an increased cost.) Although I've been being good, I'm not able to resist a good blog sale. I know many people swap, but I'm not to the point where I can part with any of my collection yet.


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    1. Thanks! I really like them! They can pretty much be paired with anything too.

  2. I was so surprised, your accent nail looks so dainty!!! Really pretty :)

    1. Thanks! I love how I can kind of see the colors of the flakies through the clear beads.