Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Time Stamping

I figured that I would try out my Salon Express and jump on the stamping bandwagon. Here I'm wearing three coats of Icing- Tiger's Blood (which I love). It's prismatic glitter suspended in a red jelly. It needed three coats to achieve opacity. This picture is without the flash. I then used CQ- Night, a basic black creme for the stamping.
Here it is with the flash- you can see the stamps better. I definitely wasn't perfect! The designs kept smudging when I transferred them from the plate to the stamper. Some of them applied partially. Some got double stamped (more so on my right hand, which isn't photographed). Needless to say, I need a ton of practice!! I'm open to all tips/suggestions. I also need to experiment to see which shades work best with stamping. With this many, I kind of just automatically went for these two colors without trying any other options. I'm excited to try out different stamps and color combos!

I got some nail mail today. I purchased more polishes from No Holos blog sale. Heres Pretty & Polished- Bayou Blitz mini, NYX Frizzy Spots, and All That Glitters- Hole-Hearted. I love indies!!! I would like a full size of Bayou Blitz, but it's more difficult to get, so I'm happy with the mini. Plus with how much polish I have, it's probably more realistic to have a mini.

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