Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lilacquer- Selkie over Boots 17 Black Jelly

I have a special polish today! This is Lilacquer- Selkie. It is a duochromatic topcoat with color-shifting pigments. It shifts from blue-green to a navy blue. This picture is with the flash and I'm wearing only one coat of Selkie over an unnamed Boots 17 polish that is a black jelly.
Without the flash, and at another angle, you can see a beautiful navy blue shimmer! This looks amazing in the sun too! I wasn't able to get any sun pictures though.
Without the flash and under a different light, you can see a different shade of blue. I love color-shifting polishes! If you're interested in purchasing Selkie, along with other color-shifting polishes, head to Bottles are $6 each plus $1.50 shipping. Shipping increases by 50 cents for each additional bottle. 
This is was what the Boots 17 unnamed black jelly looked like before I layered Selkie over it. I am wearing three coats of it here. This is pre clean-up. It was rather streaky and required thick coats to achieve opacity. The brush shape didn't really get along with my nails either. it was hard to paint the areas near my skin without getting polish on the skin.