Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OPI Fly Topped Off with Flakies!!!

Here I have OPI- Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection topped off with Love & Beauty - Light Green (such an original name). I purchased the Love & Beauty polish at Forever 21 last year. I have two coats of Fly and two coats of Light Green. The formula of Fly was practically opaque in one coat and when on flawlessly. I just did two coats out of habit. This picture is without the flash, and it looks very accurate to how it is real life. I think I found a new spot to take color-accuate pictures!
Light Green is very sheer. There are flakies and green shimmer particles suspended in a clear base. I would never consider wearing this shade on its own. These two look beautiful together. This picture is with the flash.

Here is another one I took without the flash to showcase the flakies. Fly looks really green- ignore that. I really don't want to remove this! It's just so pretty!

This is Fly by itself before adding Light Green. This is before clean-up. I apologize if my hands look dirty- they always do after I remove the previous polish I was wearing. I usually wait until my new mani dries before I thoroughly was my hands, but this was taken during the mani process. This color kind of reminds me of the Little Mermaid. Fly is a gorgeous teal creme.

I also have a tiny haul to show you from Rite Aid:
I purchased Pretty Woman Magnetix- It looks like an emerald green, but it doesn't have a name. I am going to order the China Glaze Magnetix collection soon, but I figured this would tide me over. I picked up two of the new Wet n Wild Megalasts also: Wet Cement, and On a Trip.


  1. Fly is so pretty! I picked up Light Green a while ago, and really should play around with it more.

    1. In the bottle, Light Green doesn't look like much, but it's amazing wearing it! I want to try it over some darker shades. I wish it had a less generic name though.