Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Layering with Glitter and the Spoils from My Lucky Giveaway Winnings!!

Today I layered one coats of Finger Paints- Drummer Boy over two coats of Essie- Berry Hard. Drummer Boy is from the Finger Paints holiday collection. I lucked out and got it at Sally's for less than $2 on clearance.  I could probably wear this alone and get it to be opaque with 3-4 coats but I just decided to layer it because I wasn't in the mood to use the aluminum foil removal method. Berry Hard is a Burgundy creme. It shows up so much brighter in this picture with the flash.
This is without the flash. Berry Hard looks very accurate. I was very impressed with the formula. Other dark red Essie cremes that I own (Wicked) are more jelly-like and take at least 3 coats to build up opacity. Berry Hard was smooth and opaque in two coats. Drummer Boy had a lot of glitter in it for just being one coat. All of the glitter is the same size and it's a sky blue color. Just by looking at the bottle, it looks as if all of the glitter is the same color. Looking at it close up, it almost looks as if there are two shades of blue glitter. One is slightly lighter than the other.

I recently won Traci's from The TraceFace Philes 2600 follower giveaway. My prize was to select five Julep shades. I chose Leah, Anne, Megan, Taylor, and Oscar. I'm so excited to try these out! Thank you again Traci!!!

So, this week, I found out that I won ANOTHER giveaway from Rebekah at Let's Win Blog! My prize was a February Julep Maven box. I feel so spoiled winning these giveaways! I've been entering in them for a long time, and right when I was about to give up, I started winning! So if you haven't won yet, keep trying and it will pay off :) I just love how Julep packaged this box! It was very festive for Valentine's Day!

It contained Oscar and Meryl! I just love Oscar. Julep bottles are kind of small, so now I have a backup of Oscar. There was also top coat for hair and chocolate shaped like an Oscar. Nail polish and chocolate!!! Best combo ever :) I almost don't want to eat the chocolate. It's too pretty. Thanks again Rebekah! 

I also received a small package from Cathleen from Lilacquer. She makes her own duochrome topcoats. This one is called Selkie. It shifts from green to blue. You can see some swatches on her page. I cannot wait to wear this over black. She is currently selling 5ml bottles of Selkie for $6 plus shipping. For me it was about $1.50 for shipping, so it's not too bad. Her contact information is on her page. I'm sure she will start selling some different shades of duochrome topcoats in the future. 

Here it is with the label.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! Hurry! It ends in a little over an hour! 

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