Sunday, February 26, 2012

Peacock Nails!

This may be one of my favorite layering combinations so far! I couldn't wait to try All that Glitters- Very Peacockish. I put two coats of Very Peacockish over two coats of Wet n Wild- Sagreena the Teenage Witch. This looks just like a peacock!

Very Peacockish is filled with many types of multi-colored glitter! It has a sheer shimmery blue base with small and medium hex particles of teal glitter, silver and blue bar glitter, large black hex glitter, and GIANT prismatic silver hexes. I may have even missed a few types of glitter, because every time I look at it, I see a new one. This can be purchased from the All that Glitters Etsy shop for $8. All that Glitters polishes are meant to build up to be opaque, and this shade could easily be worn alone with 3 coats. I just wanted to see what it would look like over green.

Here's how it looks with a little more lighting. I didn't get a picture of Wet n Wild-Sagreena the Teenage Witch by itself because I was too excited to layer Very Peacockish. I wasn't too impressed with the Wet n Wild formula for this one. The emerald green shimmer was gorgeous, but it was just really watery. There were some bare spots before I started layering. If I were to wear this alone, I would probably need three coats. Sagreena the Teenage Witch is kind of similar to Zoya- Holly, and I definitely prefer Holly.