Monday, August 6, 2012

Bayou Blitz

 I wore a very special polish this past weekend. This is Pretty & Polished- Bayou Blitz. There is a lot going on in this polish! It has micro yellow matte glitter in a murky greenish-blue jelly base with the addition of multicolored large hexes of glitter! Wow, that was more difficult to describe than I thought.
 I am wearing three coats of Bayou Blitz. From the looks of it, you wouldn't think that there were too many large multi-colored hexes of glitter, but when I removed this, many of them were hiding beneath the layers of polish. I did have to do a little bit of fishing in order to get some of these larger pieces of glitter out of the bottle. I apologize that my sunlight pictures are a bit blurry. My camera was running low on battery power, and by the time it charged up, it was dark out.
 Here is a picture with the flash that is more in-focus. I just love this shade! It wore extremely well too. Besides one of the glitters that peeled off, there were no chips. It needed the foil method for removal.

Here are some recent additions: 
 My friend got me a Nicole by OPI Kardashians mini set and a full size of Rainbow in the S-Kylie. I had yet to try the Kardashian collection and I don't own that many NOPI's so I'm glad that I have them now.
I did some more dusty-hunting over the weekend (it's addicting!). I got Miso Happy with this Color, Bare it in Trafalgar Square, You Cannoli Imagine (all black labels), Designer de Better, Sea Ya Later Sailor!, and DS Jewel. 


  1. Bayou Blitz looks really cool! It's like Floam but with some fun little extras!

    1. It does remind me of Floam a lot! There's just less matte glitter and more jelly base. The large pieces of glitter are my favorite part of it. So unique!

  2. Cool polish! I really like it!

  3. Wow, I'm just sitting here kind of staring at Bayou Blitz. You're right--there's so much going on in it, but it stops juuuuust short of overload. Love the jelly finish, love the micro-glitters and the larger ones that peek through to add their colour and texture...this is a seriously cool polish!

  4. It is so awesome! I wasn't able to stop staring at it. It is truly unique for sure!