Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Revlon- Starry Pink

I'm wearing Revlon- Starry Pink. This was first released around last fall. Since then it has been re-released under the name "Popular". I have seen Popular at drug stores recently and it is the exact same shade.
Starry Pink is a one-step jelly sandwich in a bottle. It has medium hex and small silver glitter in a light pink jelly base. I am wearing three coats of it here. I just love the way the glitter looks suspended in the base! This also looks wonderful on my new short nails. If your workplace has a strict dresscode, and you love glitter nail polish, you might be able to get away with this one.

 Some new OPI's I've acquired: Glacier Bay Blues, Go on Green!, and Pooltime Lime
I also came across some Essie's for $4 each at Marshalls. I got Da Bush, Brazilant, Your Hut or Mine, Main Squeeze, Absolutely Shore, and Glamour Purse


  1. Awesome Marshalls finds! I love this shade of pink- it's so pretty!!

    1. Thank you! I love finding good deals on Essie's. :)

  2. Jill I have been eying up that Starry Pink-Revlon! I am loving it on your nails. Just another reason for me to buy it :)