Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some Red Mani Combinations

I have not updated for a few days because I had a busy week, but I have two manis to show you that both feature red!
 Here's China Glaze- Oxidized Aqua over an unnamed Sally Girl red mini. Oxidized Aqua is part of the Crackle Metals collection that came out last summer.
 These colors went pretty well together. The red leaned more orange, so blue and orange are definitely contrasting colors. I was impressed with how much Oxidized Aqua crackled. You could see a lot of the red through it. 
I feel like I've been wearing crackles like they're going out of style. No pun intended.

This particular combination reminds me of this:

Here is the unnamed red by itself:
 With the flash (pre clean-up) it almost resembles a coral. It's between a coral and a red-orange. I wish that it had a name!
Here it is without the flash. It looks more orange here and this is probably more accurate to how the shade looks in real life. Those Sally Girl mini bottles are so awkward to hold because they're teeny tiny!  It was also rather difficult to tell if this polish was a creme or a jelly because it was somewhat sheer. I am only wearing two coats of it here, so it leans more towards a creme.

On to my next red mani!
 This is OPI's Double Decker Red topped off with Crown Me Already! I also cut my nails, so the nubs are back yet again.
 I did a gradient of Crown Me Already over Double Decker Red. Crown Me Already is from the Summer 2011 Miss USA collection. For the first coat I went about 2/3 down the nail, and then put three coats of Crown Me Already on the tips so that it was opaque.
I love doing gradients with glitter and I enjoy the way this combination looks on short nails; very classy and elegant.

Here's Double Decker Red on it's own pre clean-up with the flash. It is from OPI's 2003 British Collection. This one is a black label. The formula was a little thin and runny but with 2 coats it was opaque.

I've been pretty good with my hauling lately, but here are some new additions:
Revlon- Sparkle Aplenty, 2Chix- Chucky Finster, Maybelline Boho Gold and Avante Green


  1. I want this Revlon Sparkle Aplenty gray you picked up in your haul. Have not seen it hit my Rite Aid yet. I did pick up a few weeks back a Denim shade from this new Maybelline collection that finally got stocked in my area and was instantly picked almost clean by the HS kids. First Maybelline polish I have bought in maybe 20 yrs! This aqua crackle and the gold one from the same metallic crackle collection were about the only 2 shatters/crackles I ever thought looked kind of OK - I never bought them however. Only bought the OPI black one when it first came out - hated it - looked like someone burned car tire rubber over my nails.

  2. The Revlon Sparkle Aplently kind of looks like OPI's Metallic 4 Life, but they're not exact dupes. The OPI has more variation with the sizes of glitter inside. My Walgreen's display of these was untouched so this shade is pretty new. Usually with crackles it's a hit or miss with me. It depends if I like the color combination.