Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Recent Manis

 I wore Pretty & Polished- Boot Camp over Zoya- Shawn. These two went very well together. Just looking at it, you can't even really tell that Boot Camp is layered on another shade. Boot Camp is pretty sheer on its own. It has brown, black, and green hex glitter and green square and black bar glitter in a sheer green shimmery base.
I did have to do a little bit of "fishing" in order to get some of the glitter out of this but it wasn't too difficult. Spreading the glitter evenly on the nail wasn't very challenging either.
 Here's what Zoya- Shawn looks like on its own. I applied two coats of it before adding Boot Camp. Shawn surprisingly wasn't one of my untrieds. I had this shade for a while, and actually wore it before I started photographing swatches for this blog! I figured it would be a good green to use as a base and also I would have a swatch of it. It's a dark green creme that has yellow tints in it.
Right after I applied the two coats of Boot Camp, I noticed that it dried matte. I usually am a huge fan of the matte finish, and I loved the look of this, but I was impatient and I wanted it to dry quickly so I topped it off with Seche Vite. The topcoat makes the shimmer in Boot Camp really pop.

 Another mani I wore in the past couple days was Finger Paints- Winter Sky. This was released in their 2011 holiday collection available at Sally's. The label print is peeling off of the bottle! The label is still intact though. I really liked the color. It's a teal with a subtle hint of shimmer, but the wear was horrible!    This mani only lasted one day and I had to change it. The polish on my index finger chipped off in chunks, and I had to redo it for the purpose of taking this picture, so it's still wet in this image. This picture is without the flash.
Here it is with the flash. you can see the shimmer more. The color of this polish doesn't really remind me of the name "Winter Sky". It reminds me of a body of water in a tropical place which is the complete opposite.

I also got over my fear of dusty hunting and went in to a couple salons today! I had success! Here are my finds:
Top Row: China Glaze- Mummy May I and Sweet Revenge, Essie- Showstopper, OPI- Will You Mari-Achi Me? and Euro-mazing. Second Row: OPI- Shanghai Shimmer, Color Club- Glitz and Glamour, OPI- You Make me Vroom, At Your Quebec & Call, Sanderella, and Done Out in Deco.

I also received packages from KB Shimmer and Metametics. I got Key Lime Pie and The Square from KB Shimmer and Lannister Gold and Earth Kingdom from Metametics.

Sanderella was the key find of today! I found it in the first salon I went into. I definitely want to do this again! If I didn't spend so much money, or had more money I could have gone to 20 more salons. It was very awkward at first and I was nervous, but it was so thrilling that I just kept going. Has anybody found some neat polishes dusty-hunting?


  1. Aww I loved Winter Sky but it gave me the worst Smurf fingers!!

  2. I really like the color, it just didn't wear well on me at all. Just as my nails were growing out from being stained, they are stained from this again :(