Friday, August 3, 2012

First Attempt with Kleancolor Crackle

I recently bought Kleancolor-Teal Crackle from a blog sale. For this mani I layered it on top of China Glaze- Electric Pineapple. The combination looks like lightning! I have tons of crackle polishes, but they all have a similar formula. The formula on the Kleancolor crackles is much different. With this type, you apply it over the base color and you have to wait a while for it to crack. The cracks are much smaller than with other types of polish brands and you can't really see the base color as much. This type of crackle actually came out first. Back in the early 2000s, Covergirl released some crackles that had a similar effect. I used to have time, but they were lost over the years :( Barry M recently released a "Croc Effect" crackle that looks similar to this. 

In terms of appearance, I like this look much better than the newer formulations of crackle that have been released. In terms of application and wear though, I prefer the other formula. The other formula dries and cracks quickly and you have to wait a while for this one. The wear is not good with this at all.  The chemicals in this polish cause it to "flake" off without a topcoat. Even with a thick layer of Seche Vite, the topcoat film would separate from the crackle layer and they would chip off (see pointer finger). Little pieces of crackle would stick up and catch on things and it bothered me to the point where I had to remove this mani after a day. Contrary to the other crackle that lasts longer, I don't think was meant to last very long. Would I still get more Kleancolor crackles? Probably because they're inexpensive and can create unique manis with contrasting combinations of base colors. I just would plan on changing my mani a day later.

Now that I talked about the crackle a lot, I'll discuss Electric Pineapple
Electric Pineapple is from the Summer 2011 Island Escape Collection. It is a yellow creme with a green tint. This picture is without the flash. If the Crayola Green Yellow crayon were transformed into a nail polish, it would be this color. This polish need three coats for opacity. It probably would have only needed two since I was putting crackle over it but I did three just so it wouldn't look streaky in the pictures.
Here's a washed-out looking picture with the flash. It's definitely bright! One downside to doing layering manis at night is that I can't use sunlight to get a picture of the base color.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of crackle but this looks so good!

    1. Thanks!! The effect is definitely different from most of the crackles you see around today. I love all of the combination possibilities.