Wednesday, November 28, 2012

American Apparel- Meteor Shower over OPI- "Sheer" Your Toys

I have a beautiful combo today! This is American Apparel- Meteor Shower layered over OPI- "Sheer" Your Toys.

Gold and gray go so well together!

Both of these polishes played together very nicely. Meteor Shower is composed of gold foil shards. It almost reminds me of Christmas decorations or Goldschlager. It was very vibrant and the shards came in a variety of different sizes. American Apparel nail polish retails for $6 and can be purchased in the store or on the American Apparel website. Usually they have a deal where you can purchase three bottles for $15.

I had to take a picture of my left hand to show you how giant the gold flake was on my pinky! Only one coat of Meteor Shower was necessary. Application was fairly easy, but there are some pieces of the shards that are curled, so it's helpful to use a toothpick to press them down into the polish while it's still tacky. I topped this off with a coat of Gelous followed by a coat of Seche Vite so it stayed put!

Here is a picture of it without the flash in indoor light. The gold flakes are very reflective and "Sheer" Your Toys looks much darker here. I imagine that removal of Meteor Shower would be somewhat challenging, but mine peeled off because I used the white glue base coat method. I never want to go back to using foil again.

Here's a picture of "Sheer" Your Toys indoors with the flash before applying Meteor Shower over it.This color is beautiful! It has a very faint shimmer composed of silver shimmer particles with a slight hint of copper shimmer. It was released in OPI's 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection. This polish is sheer, but it builds up. The formula was a little bit thin but it's completely opaque in three coats; which is rather good for a polish with the word sheer in the name. I own nothing else like this shade. I was lucky to come across this polish dusty hunting, but AveYou still has it in stock for $8.50.


  1. I LOVE Sheer Your Toys - that collection had some of my fav shades in it...Toys here is not showing all it's got but sure it's hard to photo...but you gave me a great idea as I love the mixed metal look of silver/gray and yellow gold so I am going to put my 'Toys' on with OPI Man With The Golden Gun over it! One of my all time fav cream reds was in the 2008 Toyland collection called Little Red Wagon...we all find a few perfect reds and that's my perfect red - in fact it's so perfect I have about 4 bottles of it - and had 5 but one fell off my dresser and broke somehow hitting the carpet so my beautiful off white cream Berber carpet has to have an area rug over it now by the dresser - that red never will come out! Ugh! There is a great coal shade in this collection too - called Baby it's Coal Outside - fab shade.

    1. Baby It's Coal Outside is on my wist list! I'm still looking for it when I go dusty hunting. My next post will feature You're a Doll! from that collection :)