Friday, November 2, 2012

Frankensandy Halloween Nails

In honor of Halloween, and to reflect the Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm/Frankensandy that has been terrorizing the East Coast, I chose colors that reminded me of Frankenstein. This is Lacquistry- I Love Halloween! layered over Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers- Nightscape. This picture was taken indoors in natural lighting without the flash. There has not been much sunlight for the past few days.

This picture is indoors with the flash. I Love Halloween! is composed of various sizes of black and orange hex glitter, orange bars, black and orange hearts, tiny pieces of silver glitter in a slightly orange-tinted base. I am only wearing one coat of it because I really liked the green base color. The glitter distributed evenly for the most part, but I had to do a little bit of fishing to get hearts out. 

Here's Wet n Wild- Nightscape. It is a sage green shimmer with a frosty quality to it. This is from an older Halloween collection, but I'm not sure which year it's from. I was surprised that this only needed two coats because I've noticed that the formula on many older Fantasy Makers is really thin and runny. This built up pretty well. 

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