Sunday, November 11, 2012

Funfetti Nails!

This is an amazing combination of polish that is reminiscent of funfetti. I layered Utopia's Polish- Gumdrops over OPI- Miso Happy with this Color. Gumdrops is composed with mega-sized see-through jelly-like pieces of glitter in various colors.
I only needed one coat of Gumdrops, and I just dabbed it around my nails for even coverage. The pieces of glitter came out of the bottle fairly easily and I didn't have to do a lot of fishing. There are some spots on my nails where the clear base bubbled due to spreading the glitter around.

I absolutely loved wearing this and didn't want to remove it. I purchased Gumdrops a few months ago, and it is not currently in stock, but Utopia's Polish can be purchased in the Etsy store.
OPI- Miso Happy with this Color was from the 2005 Japan collection. It is a neutral polish that leans pink. This picture is without the flash and it looks very close to my skintone.

With the flash, you can see that this polish is much lighter than my skintone. It was a creme and applied flawlessly with two coats. This is OPI's old black label formula.

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