Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gray and Black Glitter

I have a gray and black glitter combination today. As a base I used NOX Twilight and then I topped it off with All That Glitters- The Gold Rush
The Gold Rush is absolutely amazing! It is composed of medium black hexes, small piceces of silver and black glitter, sparse pieces of black bar glitter and giant prismatic gold hexes. All of the glitter particles are suspended in a sheer black jelly base. The giant prismatic gold hexes were my favorite part about this polish. Look how they reflect rainbows in the sunlight!

Here is another angle of this. The Gold Rush was loaded with glitter and it only needed one coat over the light gray. If I was going to wear this alone, it would probably need about three coats.
All That Glitters nail polish can be purchased from the Etsy Store  for $8 a bottle. There are many awesome shades to choose from.

Here is NOX-Twilight in artificial light without the flash.  I am not certain if NOX Twilight is the name of this line of polish, but NOX Twilight was all that it said on the bottle, so I just assumed that this shade was named Twilight (it's quite festive for the movie release isn't it?) This was a pale sheer gray creme. I am only wearing two coats of it because I topped it off with The Gold Rush. This would probably need three coats to be worn alone because it was a little bit runny.
Here is a picture with the flash. I enjoy the packaging of these bottles. The Cullen seal is pretty neat. Twilight is one of my guilty pleasures! This is the only NOX shade that I own so far.

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