Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Neon Pink and Flakies

This was a pretty wild combination. I selected two polishes that are very unlikely to go together. As a base color, I used a Sally Girl mini called Way Cool, which is a hot pink probably designed for summer. I topped it off with Color Club- Snow-flakes from this holiday's Winter Affair collection. This mani was definitely bright, so you may want to prepare your eyes!

Snow-Flakes is just your typical orange/yellow flakie familiar to Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure or Essie's Shine of the Times. I bought Snow-Flakes in a mini set that was exclusive to Sally's. The special thing about Snow-Flakes is that it is scented. Unfortunately I have a cold and I was unable to smell it! If anybody else owns this shade, let me know what you thought it smelled like.

I used two coats of Snow-Flakes on top of Way Cool. These flakies were definitely noticeable!

Here it is with the flash! WOW! It's interesting how it looks more red in natural lighting versus hot pink in the flash. I'll have to admit that I couldn't leave this mani on very long because it was giving me a headache!

Here's Sally Girl- Way Cool on it's own. This is without the flash in natural lighting. This is truly a neon. It is shown here without topcoat, and even though it wasn't completely dry it is showing a semi-matte finish.

Okay, shield your eyes..
This is Way Cool on it's own with the flash! It's super bright! I've read that China Glaze- Pool Party is pretty close to this if you'd like a dupe. I bought this Sally Girl mini probably almost 8 years ago! I only needed to use two coats of it in order for it to be opaque, but that is because the polish was on the thick side. I didn't bother thinning it because it ended up working well for me. Has anybody seen Way Cool at Sally's lately? i usually don't pay attention to the Sally Girl minis, and the newer ones that I own do not have names on them.

Also, just a reminder to enter the Thanksgiving Multi-Blogger Givaway! I cannot believe that I've reached so many followers in such a short period of time. I'm definitely thankful and I welcome all of you newcomers :) Good luck with the Thanksgiving giveaway! 


  1. Love this - I do combos like this all the time on my toes esp.

    1. I actually bought this pink for my toes originally! It's so bright.

  2. Love the combo! That pink is awesome - I need to look for that next time I'm at Sally's!

    1. I noticed that it is still on the Sally's website so it's most likely in the stores too. It must be a classic shade!