Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brucci- Daniella's Curve

Here is a polish I purchased in a blog sale recently. This is Brucci- Daniella's Curve. It is a dusty, grayed mauve creme with some purple undertones. The color is somewhat difficult to describe. This applied in two coats and it was almost flawless. This is another unique shade in my collection. I wore it for two days and it only had slight tipwear. This picture is without the flash.

With the flash, you can see the purple in it. It's a bit scuffed up. I don't really know much about the Brucci brand. I haven't seen it in stores around my area. I love trying out new brands though. This color kind of reminded me of fall, but I still enjoyed it.


  1. Pretty. I like those polishes that have 2 lives it seems based on the lighting you are in. I never seem to get to Blog sales before the stuff is all sold or very picked over.

    1. Thanks! The lighting in my apartment is very dim, so pictures with and without the flash look completely different. I'm usually the same with blog sales. Very rarely I'll get to them before all the good polishes are bought haha. I bought this one in a lot of polish.