Saturday, April 7, 2012

Funky Fingers-Tribal Topped With Sinful Colors- Green Ocean

I really wanted to try out Sinful Colors- Green Ocean. I decided to layer it over Funky Fingers- Tribal. Tribal is a neon turquoise. I put on three coats of Tribal first and then layered one coat of Green Ocean on top. Green Ocean's formula is really thick! It's filled with different sizes if iridescent glitter and flakie shards.Some of the edges of the flakes were sticking up even when I added a coat of Seche Vite. This mani ended up really pretty, but it took a long time to dry! I said that I would take a break from greens after St. Patrick's Day week, but I guess I couldn't stay away that long. I have wayyy too many greens.

Here's three coats of Funky Fingers- Tribal before adding Green Ocean. This is an awkward pose. My nails were still wet, the Funky Fingers bottles are very difficult to hold, and my messy desk is in the background. I managed not to smudge any nails! Funky Fingers polishes are found at 5Below. I haven't seen this one there in a while. I purchased it a long time ago. It reminds me of China Glaze- Turned up Turquoise without the shimmer and a little bit more subdued.

I also completed making a visual board of my collection on Pinterest. Most of the images of polishes are from other blogs, but when I get around to swatching them, I will replace them with my own images. Check it out :)


  1. Gorgeous!! Hope I run across green ocean soon!!!

    1. I got mine in a blog sale from Dandy Nails. Here's the link:
      She had a few of them when I bought mine and there's one pending now. It may actually be available. Good luck :)