Monday, April 23, 2012

China Glaze- Cyberspace and Nail Mail!

Here I'm wearing China Glaze- Cyberspace. This is a holographic released in the Tronica collection in Spring 2011. It is a really light brown and holographic- definitely unique. Although I love holos, the formula on these is very thin and can be streaky if the polish isn't completely dry between coats. Some fingers I was able to get away with two coats, and others needed three because there were some bare spots. This picture is without the flash.

Here it is with the flash. This color can pretty much go with anything. It's even a work-safe holo for more conservative work environments. I own most of the Tronica collection, and there are only a couple I don't have. I just cut my nails again after these photos were taken because I broke one and couldn't stand the thought of my nails being different lengths. (It's an OCD thing..)

Now the following just may be the most EPIC nail mail I've ever received!
My Lynnderellas arrived! Here I have Change, Snow Angel, and Connect the Dots. I've been on the Llarowe waiting list for what seemed to be forever! The wait was definitely worth it! I still had Matter of the Heart and Sweets to the Sweet on my waiting list and they were on backorder, so hopefully I'll get those someday soon. These are more than enough for now!

I also came across a blog sale on Pretty & Polished. Chelsea had some dusty hunt finds from the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection and was selling them for $10 each. These were an amazing deal so I got them without hesitation. She had four for sale, and I was able to get these three. This is It's My Turn, He's Going in Circles, and Let's do it in 3-D. These are my first holo China Glazes (pre Tronica collection). I eventually want to own the entire OMG and Kaleidoscope collection- so for now I'll keep dreaming, or at least become less-awkward and suck it up and go dusty-hunting.

My no-buy is still going strong! (4 days without buying nail polish- which is good for me!) The hauls that I am posting are packages that are arriving that I ordered previously. I'll probably cave in eventually  like for the OPI Spiderman collection, but I'm not going to buy polish every day like I used to. 


  1. Great nail mail! I hit the same blog sale too late to pick anything up. But I too decided to get all of the OMG's and Kaleidoscopes and call them part of my stash....I started however 2 years ago so the prices were not what they are now. There are a few like the 3 you got that keep coming up over and over again for sale - don't know if they discovered tons of boxes never making it into retail or what. But the price point on those 3 (4) are typically lower - good place to start.

  2. I wish that I was into collecting nail polish when the OMG and Kaleidoscope collections were released. They definitely don't make holos like they used to. I would also love to have the holo OPI DS polishes. I only have Signature at the moment. I'm going to have to save up a lot!

  3. I love cyberspace! Really love it!! I'll have to find this.

    1. They still have some decently-priced ones on ebay! I love it!