Saturday, April 14, 2012

Surprise Nail Mail!!!

I got two packages today! I wasn't expecting them to arrive this early; but they did and it was pleasant :) Tonight will just be a haul post.
Here is my Cult Nails order from when they had their $5 polish sale. They are still in the burritos! 

Here's Iconic, My Kind of Cool Aid, and Captivated. I was SOOOO ecstatic when I saw that Captivated was available again. I was so upset when I missed out on it the first time. That was my first choice. Now if only I didn't miss out on Unicorn Puke or Clairvoyant. Toxic Seaweed just got sold out today, and I'm happy I purchased that one.

Now this next group of polishes was purchased from Jenna from I'm Still Thinking. She was selling mystery grab boxes of nail polish for 5 for $10, and 10 for $20. I got the 10 for $20 and she shipped super fast!!! I showed her my spreadsheet to avoid duplicating ones I already own- and she threw in mostly new brands that I didn't own any of. I believe she may still have some bottles available. I got 12 bottles total and a couple were minis. I photographed every one except Wet n Wild- On a Trip because I already own that one. Opening this package was one of the best feelings ever; almost like Christmas morning as a child. If anyone hears of mystery boxes, LET ME KNOW! I love surprises.

Here are the minis. Boots 17- unnamed pink and black polishes, Stila- City Lights, Sparitual- Chill (firsts of all these brands!)

Sally Hansen- Fire Opal (I LOVE THE NAIL PRISMS!), Clatty- Unnamed emerald shimmer (I've never heard of this brand), and Wet n Wild- I Need a Refresh-Mint.

La Rosa Crackles: 24K Gold and Silver Wear, Joe Fresh- Oyster, and Angelica-Genius. Joe Fresh was the only one of these four that I have heard of. I think this was a pretty sweet deal for $20! Does anybody have memorable mystery box polishes? I'm eager to try these!


  1. Replies
    1. I can't wait to try a gradient mani with Captivated!

  2. I love boots 17 nail polishes! such a great brand. Angelica are supposed to be really good too.
    Jealous of the sally hansen fire opal I have to admit, it looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to try to layer Fire Opal over a black creme. I hear that it shows a pretty neat duochrome effect!

  3. you got some great Cults - and congrats on your first SpaRitual - I hooked into them with the fall 2011 collection that just happened to be wildly popular. I got it in July from a friend who sells and got them way early from her distributor and let me have first dibs. I took them sight unseen. It's a really great brand with some fab shades.